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The Parkhotel Hitzacker offers nice holidays in the meadows of the river Elbe. Embedded in heath and shifting sand dunes there is a beautiful landscape, in the middle of it the Weinberg of Hitzacker with a breathtaking view. Enjoy the deep calm of the vastness and the silence of this place, relax and forget about everyday life.

This beautiful area can be addictive and even more so when combined with the relaxing and cheerful atmosphere of our house. We have years of experience and know exactly what our guests want.

Find us in the meadows of the river Elbe between Hamburg and Berlin right on the side of the great river.

Relaxed living
A light design and atmosphere.
Non-smoking rooms and areas,
comfortable living room suites.
Everything for you to feel good.


Simply feel good
Evenings in front of the fireplace,
just put your feet up, a glass of red wine,
a good book, a chat with other guests
and then best be carried up to your bed.

Bathing and relaxing
The weather is always fine at our place,
because we have our spa called: Well-Vita.
Here you can frolick and relax and have fun
and be completely unaware of the rain outside.
Enjoy yourself!

Food and Drink
You will find a culinary delight in our restaurants
in the pavillon and in the winter garden.
Local and Mediterranean dishes make a perfect
match with our carefully chosen assortment of wines.
Pike-perch, salmon, catfish and eel take their daily
turns, and you will find the meat of the roe deer of
the nearby forest „Göhrde“ served with forest
mushrooms, stewed pears and duchess potatoes,
or spicy ragouts with self-made pasta.
We wish you a good appetite!